A Restless Night: Seek Relief for Dream Disturbed Sleep

If you’ve experienced the continued inability to fall asleep or staying asleep then you are already familiar with the disorder known as insomnia and the effects it can have on your physical and mental health.

Insomnia continues to be a public health issue in the United States, with around 50 to 70 million people exhibiting some type of sleep disorder. More men than women suffer from insomnia or other forms of sleep disorder. One in three men get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep on a regular basis.

Many factors may disrupt your sleep, including excessive dreaming.


What Happens with Excessive Dreaming?

Excessive dreaming is more than just nightmares causing you to wake or sleep restlessly. The issue often begins when you eat too much or drink to excess a few hours before going to sleep. The undigested food sits inside you, eventually becoming stagnant. This can disrupt the natural flow of qi in your body, causing heat, which in turn, aggravates the heart and the spirit.

When your dreams disrupt your sleep, it may trigger restlessness. What follows is an imbalance of your system, which may cause you to wake at odd hours, feel tired the next day, and even experience greater anxiety, making sleep even more difficult. Other potential symptoms include heart palpitations, teeth grinding at night, irritability, and depression.

Acupuncture for Insomnia

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is often used in treating a multitude of disorders, including insomnia, which causes various internal disharmonies that make the spirit restless, causing you to lose sleep.

Your insomnia, however, will not go away after one visit to the acupuncturist. Multiple visits are necessary before the effects can allow you to regularly sleep well again. People who have undergone multiple treatments report experiencing calmness and relaxation for the first time — in a very long time.

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Dealing with Depression and Mood Disorders? Try Acupuncture

Individuals with depression and mood disorders looking for a natural way to relieve their symptoms may find a promising solution in acupuncture.

Several factors, including poor nutrition, injury, stress, or a change in environment can disrupt the movement of an energy force known as Qi in Chinese medicine. This energy moves throughout the body via the meridians, and disrupting that energy can result in issues with a person’s health.

Following this logic, certain professionals believe that a problem in the circulation of Qi could also cause mental health disorders. To alleviate depression and other mood disorders they actively tapped into the potential of acupuncture as a treatment.


A Promising Alternative

Depression and mood disorders may not have the same triggers, but treatment for both is likely to involve pharmaceutical products. Professionals usually mitigate the symptoms of depression and mood disorders with antidepressants and mood stabilizing medications, psychological treatments or a combination of both.

However, many people who suffer from these disorders feel apprehensive about taking prescription drugs. Fortunately, for those who choose to remove medications from the equation, a study published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies discovered that even a 20-minute acupuncture session could minimize the effects of anxiety -- a symptom commonly associated with depression and mood disorders.

Restoring Control

According to the researchers, acupuncture allows the individual to regain control of his or her body by slowing down the body’s production of stress hormones.

Practitioners often use what is known as The Four Gates when using acupuncture to alleviate symptoms of depression or mood disorders. This method involves the stimulation of source points on the hands, specifically between the index finger and thumb, as well as on the feet, between the big toe and the second toe.

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Osteoarthritis Relief Found in PRP

Knee pain caused by osteoarthritis prevents a lot of people, particularly seniors, from being mobile. The dilemma is that it is even more important for those who are advanced in their years to stay active. Despite this pressing need, it can be an excruciating task to stay mobile while in the midst of severe knee pain. The loss of knee cartilage brings about swelling and mobility problems, making it difficult to stay active.

Pain medication helps soothe the inflammation, but it’s an inefficient solution to a problem that may only get worse. A more effective solution is platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, a widely recognized treatment for osteoarthritis. San Diego residents can come to us at ActiveMed Health to find relief for severe knee problems or just to relieve basic knee aches and pains, PRP therapy will be a welcome break from the short-lived effect of taking painkillers and prescription drugs.


Unprecedented Joint Relief

A recent in-depth study on PRP shows everything you need to know about the procedure. Out of the 22 patients, 17 had documented cases of increasing pain alleviation. The study took into account several variables, including Activity of Daily Living, VAS and WOMAC scores, and saw vast improvements among the patients.

The risks of PRP therapy are minimal and the rewards are great. It’s definitely worth a try for seniors who’ve been looking for long-term relief from their knee problems. The effects last considerably longer than the usual modes of therapy and pain management; possibly even longer than that if you take better care of your health. It’s also a lot less painful, since it’s a non-surgical, minimally invasive injection therapy.

PRP was once the “hottest thing” in sports medicine, so hot that celebrity athletes and high-profile personalities were among the first ones to opt for it. Now, even regular people use PRP on a regular basis. Its efficiency has made it readily available as more and more practices now offer the therapy. At ActiveMed Health, you can rest assured that our alternative treatments provide definite results.

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Work and Finances During Tax Season Cause Stress Among a Majority of Americans

April is National Stress Awareness Month, so a chain of American health clubs conducted a survey to find out the average individual’s stress levels and stress-related habits. Survey results showed that over 70% of Americans suffer from stress and that work-related and financial issues are their primary concern.

Many turn to workout sessions and meditation for stress relief, but there is another way to address it: acupuncture and Chinese herbs.


Needles: An Alternative Therapy for Distress

Individuals may suffer from chronic stress for a variety of reasons, such as high demands from the boss or financial struggles at home. When the stress factors are not easily managed or do not go away anytime soon, they take a toll on everyday task completion and activities. In fact, they can lead to weaker adrenals and an irregular HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis.

Acupuncture, an alternative treatment method, uses needles to address stress and promote blood flow. The procedure involves the insertion of a hair-thin needle into a certain acupuncture point — at least one of over 2,000 — to stimulate a desired physiological response. In the case of work-related or financial stress, the goal is relaxation and a more stable HPA axis.

Traditional Eastern Medicine: A Long-Running Alternative Treatment

Excessive stress leads to complications in the cardiovascular, digestive, muscular, reproductive, and immune systems. It also affects emotional well-being.

Traditional Eastern medicine, or the use of Chinese herbs, is an effective alternative therapy that reduces an individual’s worry or tension. Regularly drinking a concoction of specific herbal medicine is a soothing treatment that has been around for over 2,500 years.

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Can PRP Treat Lower Back Pain?

Back pain is a normal occurrence, and 8 out of 10 Americans will experience it at some point in their lives. There are many external factors that cause the pain, but there are also numerous treatment options for it.

One such option is PRP. Studies reveal that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy could stimulate healing. Athletes use the treatment to heal joint pain and torn ligaments. You can now use the treatment for back pain, too.


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy vs. Stem Cell Therapy

Researchers continuously study PRP and stem cell therapy for their regenerative advantages when it comes to sports medicine. Each therapy is different.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy promotes the repair and regeneration of tissues in the injured area. The process starts with extracting blood from the patient. A centrifuge spins the substance to separate the red blood cells and the concentrated platelets.

The concentrated platelets promote the production of collagen and cartilage, which are helpful in repairing torn tendons and ligaments. Stem cell therapy, on the other hand, extracts from either the bone marrow or the fat tissues. The therapy treats osteoarthritic conditions and stimulates the growth of cartilages.

PRP for Back Pain

Current data indicates that with early diagnosis and treatment, 90% of cases find resolution from their low back pain.

The American Academy of Pain Medicine does offer some hope. A recent clinical study on 22 patients with low back pain underwent intradiscal PRP injections, and preliminary six months findings point to PRP as suitable treatment for low back pain. Although researchers need to carry out further studies, the results are encouraging for people suffering from low back pain.

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