Acupuncture: Effective Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

When your everyday work involves strenuous physical activity, you are prone to neck, shoulder, knee, and back pain. You might need a few days of rest and some pain relievers, but you’ll still be back to work in no time. However, what if the pain in your back is persistent? Isn’t it distracting you from your daily work?

Traditional Pain Management

Back pain is considered chronic if you’ve been suffering from it for longer than three months. Though often caused by trauma, chronic back pain may still affect people with no apparent evidence of injury. Traditionally, doctors manage this condition using medications, therapy, and exercise. However, there are still patients who say that these traditional methods do not improve their condition completely.

Additional Method: Acupuncture

Recent studies found acupuncture an effective management method for chronic back pain. Acupuncture — a traditional Chinese medicinal practice — involves inserting fine needles into particular points on the body. It affects almost all the major systems of the body, including the cardiac, nervous, immune, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and circulatory systems. It helps relieve body pains by doing the following:

  • Promoting better blood flow required in proper healing of the body
  • Stimulating the body’s ability to heal injuries by activating the endocrine, nervous, and immune system
  • Sending a signal to the brain to release endorphins, norepinephrine, and encephalin — substances that are considered natural painkillers
  • Releasing pressure on muscles and joints
  • Reducing the stress-releasing hormones in the body

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